Complete this training and you’ll know:

  • 3 Things You Need Yet May Not Even Realize You’re Missing.

  • Why Motivation is NOT the Key to Making a Difference With Your Teaching…and What IS!

  • What Connection Really Means, What it Really Does and Who’s Really Responsible For it.

Plus receive 0.2/2.0 CECs for ACE, AFAA & NASM! All for only $19.95! Full description below.


Most group fitness instructors know how to provide a great safe and effective physical workout for their participants, which is of course very necessary. But there’s so much more that’s possible through the platform that you get to stand on as an instructor…a leader.

In this training, Kimberly will cover 3 common mistakes that many instructors unknowingly make which prevent them from both making the biggest possible positive impact they could make as well as having the success and fulfillment they deserve through their teaching.

If you implement what Kimberly covers in this webinar, you will elevate the experience you deliver, create deeper connections with your participants and absolutely grow your following.

So, jump in to learn what the 3 biggest mistakes are, why they happen and what you can do to ensure you’re making the most out of the opportunity you have to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives!


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