Welcome to the Fierce, Fit & Fully Inspired 21-Day Challenge!

Led by Kimberly Spreen-Glick

A few questions for you:

Are you…
• Short on time and need fast yet effective workouts to incorporate into your daily routine?
• Needing to feel more energized, stronger and uplifted to be able to take on each day with a smile?
• Just “over” or at least needing a break from all the high impact workouts out there?
• Craving a bit of inspiration to go along with the perspiration so you can know the benefits will set in more deeply?
If you answered, “Yes” to any of the above questions, Fierce, Fit & Fully Inspired was created for YOU!

Kimberly has been teaching group fitness and yoga classes as well as coaching clients for 25+ years. She’s led over 30 highly acclaimed consumer workout videos from strength training to step to kickboxing to yoga.  And, as an international presenter, she’s created and presented fitness and yoga as well as professional and personal development programs through 100s of conferences, workshops and intensives. She loves helping people live in the fullness of who they are so they can enjoy the life they’re meant to be living.

And now, she’s created this incredible 21-day challenge just for you...AND it's being introduced for only $21!

Yep, for a limited time you get all this for just $1 a day:

  • Daily workouts that keep your body and mind engaged through a variety of styles including kickboxing, yoga and strength training with the final day each week dedicated to restoration and recovery so you’re ready to take on the next week, rejuvenated and ready! No equipment or experience necessary!
  • More time back to yourself because each workout is not only effective but also takes no more than 15 minutes!
  • Improved strength, balance, flexibility and energy without the heavy impact on your body from jumping…and you’ll likely drop a few inches too…but remember, it’s about how you FEEL!
  • A special message from Kimberly each week to set your perspective from a positive, uplifting place. It all starts here. You don’t want to just go through the motions, you want to be mindful every step of the way.
  • Connection and support from Kimberly and other challengers through The Inspired Life Tribe Private Facebook Group. Here, you can feel free to ask your questions, share your aha moments and let us help you move through any struggles you come up against.
  • Free and immediate access to Kimberly's "Living an Inspired Life" video mini-course designed to help support you on your journey.
  • Lifetime access to the challenge. You can go back and repeat the whole thing or any part of it anytime you want!

*While ALL are welcome to enjoy the challenge, The Inspired Life Tribe on Facebook is for ladies only. Sorry fellas!

Here’s how it works:

  • Week 1: Set It Up. You’ll learn each workout with plenty of cues to make sure you feel successful.
  • Week 2: Turn It Up. You’ll start to expand on what you learned in week 1, challenging yourself a bit more.
  • Week 3: Fire It Up! It’s time to go all out. You know what to expect now so you can get out of your head and give it everything you’ve got!

Here’s a quick message from Kimberly so you can hear in her words why she created Fierce, Fit & Fully Inspired:


By the end of this 21-Day Challenge, you will feel empowered and energized.

Yes, by the end of this 21-Day Challenge, you will indeed feel fierce, fit and fully inspired!

So, if you’re ready to go from feeling stuck to feeling strong…fatigued to fabulous….and beat down to bad ass, jump into this challenge TODAY!


Here's What Others Have Shared About Working With Kimberly:

There are few who have equal parts vision, execution, heart and integrity. She is driven by purpose, fueled by authenticity and powered by doing the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do. Whatever your need, whatever your vision, whatever your challenge, Kimberly is the person you want to help you figure it out and get it done.  -Petra K.

Kimberly is not only one of THE MOST kind and caring people I have met, she is calm and nurturing and fierce, driven to help others not only succeed in life, but make the most of it! Thank You, Kimberly!!  -Sonia G

You don’t meet people more amazing than Kimberly. She is the shining example of a true leader, changing the lives of everyone she meets for the better.  Kimberly leads firmly from the heart to build strong relationships and communities.  I am extremely proud and grateful to call her my mentor!  -Kaycee D.

Kimberly has always been a forward thinker; grounded in the present but aware of the gravitational pull to what was up ahead. And she has an uncanny knack to see the best in you before you even have a glimmer of awareness of it yourself. Generous with her time, steady and even keeled, this is one special person. I’ve met no one else like her.  -Donna T.